Bp ANDRIAN (RusOC) of Chisinau and Moldova: Paschal Epistle


His Eminence ANDRIAN, Archbishop of Chisinau and Moldovan LAND Pastors, Monastics and All Faithful Children
Dear Fathers, Brothers and Sisters!
Christ is Risen!
“Your Resurreciton, O Christ our Savior,
the angels sing in heaven and on earth we
grant that a pure heart to glorify Thee ”
With the singing of the words we entered into the joy of Easter morning. And again this year our hearts beat anxiously, when the porch, in front of the closed doors of the church, sounded jubilant singing, “Christ is risen from the dead, death by death, and those in the graves bestowing life!”. Behind the left field of Great Lent, and the days of mourning were over Holy Week, when we remember the suffering and death on the cross of Christ the Savior. All of us – the post and of a non – entered into the joy of our Lord.

In the troubled times in which we live, the little space left for joy. Today there is no stability in the world, people have no confidence in the future. But despite that, today, for all Orthodox Christians of the true day of joy and happiness, which, in the words of the Apostle, nobody can take away from us.
In the Resurrection of Christ conquered death itself, because it opened the gates of paradise for the righteous souls. So for a Christian does not fear time of trouble, for the Resurrection of Christ draws his spiritual eyes to eternal blissful life.

Conquered death, for just as the risen Savior, and we will be resurrected. As a grain of wheat thrown into the ground and dies, but grows in the ear, and we will not die the death, but will be resurrected to eternal blissful life. And Easter reminds us of the coming resurrection of the dead, causing the heart to tremble with joy from the consciousness of the greatness of God’s love for sinful humanity. Death – a consequence of sin, unwillingness to live by the commandments of God. So whoever wants to win in his sin and to live by the commandments of the Gospel, while making real strides in the way of salvation, is not immune to death.

All of you, my dear, heart, fatherly congratulations to Easter Sunday. I prayerfully wish you, your families health, welfare, all-powerful God’s help all the pious and righteous works. I urge all of you God’s blessing. May the Risen Lord to all of you on our quiet, gubitelstva, fire, sword, the invasion of foreigners, and internecine warfare, but gives a time of peace to our motherland and the good, the heyday of our Holy Orthodoxy.
Christ is risen! Truly He is risen!
+ Andrian, Archbishop KISHINEVSK and Moldova
City of Chisinau.

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