Bulgarians Returning to the Old Calendar?

Hat tip: A.J. For some strange reason the article implies that the Bulgarian Church switched to the New Calendar in 1916, when in fact it was– to our knowledge– four or so decades later. Still, does this mean that the True (Old Calendar) Church of Bulgaria will need to simply refer to themselves as the “True Orthodox Church of Bulgaria”? Are we going to see a wave of property seizures, like in Russia? It’s a possiblity, considering Bulgaria’s sudden interest in “sectarianism”.

(examiner.com) The Bulgarian Orthodox Church may be close to marking this year’s Christmas as the last to be celebrated on December 25 in Bulgaria. The Holy Synod will meet in three weeks to decide if a move needs to be made back to the Julian Calendar. If this decision is to be made, Christmas will once again be celebrated on January 7.

The plea to make this choice was filed in late November, a similar argument having been made in 1997 with the agreement of only five bishops at the time. Currently, the Church is set to the Gregorian Calendar, which was put in place in Bulgaria in 1916. The Bulgarian Orthodox Church has celebrated Christmas on December 25 as an official holiday since the fall of communism.