New Calendar State Church of Greece Establishes Commission For Release of Patriarch Irenaios

January 21, 2015  (Source:

The Holy Synod of the Church of Greece decided to establish a committee of three bishops, whose task is to prepare the necessary materials for the release of the former Patriarch of Jerusalem who is being held as a prisoner.

According to exclusive information of Romfea , at the upcoming meeting of the Standing Holy Synod, there will be set up a commission to investigate any possibility of ending years of the seclusion of the former Patriarch of Jerusalem, Irenaeus, in his cell at the Patriarchate.

The proposal for the establishment of such a commission was made to the Synod by the Metropolitan of Kalavrita, Ambrose, who has put forth a great deal of effort for the release of the Patriarch Irenaeus.

According to the same sources, the Metropolitan Ambrose was originally requested to establish a commission of four bishops chaired by the Archbishop of Athens, Hieronymus, but this proposal was rejected by the Archbishop in order not to create dissension with Sister Churches.

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