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The Synod of the Antiochian Patriarchate met recently on October 07 of this year. Among the matters discussed was the recent ecumenical conference held with the Roman Catholics in Amman, Jordan. The conference was hosted by the ecumenist Patriarch  of Jerusalem, Theophilos III.  The Antiochian Synod confirmed the work of the conference, and, in fact, referenced the work of the ecumenist conference as preparatory for the so-called “Great and Holy Council” that the Ecumenical Patriarchate will hold in 2016. The Synod stated:

“The fathers reviewed the results of the Orthodox-Catholic dialogue that was held in Amman, Jordan this past September. They stressed the necessity of serious work in order to remove all the obstacles to this dialogue and to the hoped-for unity in a spirit of love and openness, that the Christian world might be able to realize prayer of the Lord “that they may be one.”

The fathers likewise reviewed the work of the preparatory committee for the great Orthodox council which met in Chambésy, Switzerland at the beginning of October, 2014 and took note of the working paper that it prepared regarding the relationship between the Orthodox churches and the Christian world.

In this regard, the fathers expressed their hope that the preparatory work for the great council will be effective for a united Orthodox witness in today’s world which thirsts for a word of life.”


The ecumenical goal of the eventual and gradual merger of all different religions, which has already stared by the allowance of joint-prayer with heterodox, and ecumenical meetings is already deeply ingrained in the life of the different World Patriarchates. However, such activity is condemned as contrary to the Orthodox Faith by the True Orthodox Christians.  The Antiochian Patriarchate is perhaps the most ecumenists of all the World Patriarchates; they have themselves already achieved official intercommunion agreements with the Syro-Jacobite Monophysites (removing the anathemas proclaimed against those who don’t recognize the Council of Chalcedon); even allowing concelebration with them. The Antiochian Patriarchate, along with the Phanar and others, also continues to affirm Muslims as ‘brothers’; even stating that supposedly Christian and Muslims together can reach ‘sound Faith.’  Far from in any way backing away from Patriarch Ignatius IV Hakim’s policy of broad based ecumenical heresy, Patriarch John X has affirmed his commitment.

In this time of apostasy and crisis, the True Orthodox must make every effort to propound the Orthodox teaching to a world that has been lied to by the World Patriarchates about what Orthodoxy really is. Indeed, we can remember what St. Raphael of Brooklyn (1860-1915) did, who had previously been deceived by ecumenist Anglicans (the real founders of the ecumenical movement and the importers of ecumenism into Orthodox circles) into thinking they were Orthodox. St. Raphael did not merely repudiate his former decree of allowing Orthodox to take communion from them in extreme situations (under the presumption that they were Orthodox), but, went further and said that Orthodoxy was wasting its time in talks with the Anglicans (at that time, the discussion had not reached a level of joint prayer; nor seeking to change Church Tradition, such as the Calendar). St. Raphael state:


Experience has forced upon me the conviction that to promote courtesy and friendship, which seems to be the only aim of the Union at present, not only amounts to killing precious time, at best, but also is somewhat hurtful to the religious and ecclesiastical welfare of the Holy Orthodox Church in these United States… I view union as only a pleasing dream. Indeed, it is impossible for the Holy Orthodox Church to receive—as She has a thousand times proclaimed, and as even the Papal See of Rome has declaimed to the Holy Orthodox Church’ s credit—anyone into Her Fold or into union with Her who does not accept Her Faith in full without any qualifications—the Faith which She claims is most surely Apostolic. (Letter of Resignation from the Anglican and Orthodox Churches Union, published in the Russian Orthodox Messenger, February 18, 1912)


Sadly, the experiences of St. Raphael, and his early recognition of the harmfulness and danger of such behaviour went unheeded in future decades by the World Patriarchates; each, one by one, succumbing, to ecumenism either via the introduction of the New Calendar, or through the deprivations of Sergianism and Modernism.  In such a context, True Orthodox Christianity must present both an apologetic against theses heresies and schisms of the Ecumenist Patriarchates, as well as seeking to enlighten and inoculate those who come to the Church from such heresies and lures of the heretical false World Patriarchates.


October 11, 2014

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