MP Celebrates Elevation of New Monophysite Patriarch

On November 18th (ns), 2012, Archbishop Eliseus of Sourozh and other delegates of the Moscow Patriarchate took part in the festivities celebrating the elevation of the new Coptic Monophysite patriarch, Theodore II.   The MP and Monophysite leaders expressed, “hope for further fruitful cooperation in the field of theological dialogue, religious education, cultural exchange, joint peacekeeping activities and work with the pilgrims.” The meeting took place with the blessing of Patriarch Kirill.

The anti-Chalcedonian Coptic Church has historically rejected the Orthodox dogmas promulgated and confirmed at the Council of Chalcedon in 451; as well as rejecting the 5th and 6th ecumenical councils.  This has caused the Orthodox Church to historically regard the Coptic Patriarchate as both schismatic and heterodox.