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The Russian religious news site “Portal-Credo” is reporting of a continuing breaching between the Russian True Orthodox Church centred in Omsk, under Archbishop Tikhon, and the Serbian True Orthodox Church, led by Bishop Akakije. In machine translation form via google translate we have the following from “Portal-Credo”:


The Serbian True Orthodox Church, governed by the Bishops’ Conference, composed of two bishops – the bishops of Akaki and Nektarii, – for the care of the parishes of the CPI in Ukraine, which separated from the Synod of the RTOC in 2015-2016, ordained monk Nikon (Yevseyev) as a hieromonk, reports the correspondent on January 23. « Portal-Credo.Ru ». Bishop Nektariy made the consecration.

Previously, for the ordination of hieromonk Nikon, the Bishops’ Council of HICP received the consent of the Bishop of Trenton and North American Stephen, who also separated with the diocese, as a whole, from the Synod of the RTOC in 2015.

The parishes in Ukraine stopped the commemoration of the RTOC bishops, accusing the Synod of “heresy, Sergianism and pathological lies”.

In an interview to “Portal-Credo.Ru” the elder of the oldest in the ROCA / RIPC parish in Chernigov, Dmitry Romashov explained: “The parishes in Ukraine stopped the commemoration of the RTOC bishops, because the endless lies of the bishops could not be tolerated. They screwed up so that sometimes they themselves probably did not understand where they were lying, and where they were telling the truth. They introduced into the Synod – first secretly, and then openly – the heretic of Hermogen (Dunikov), who, as a bishop, crossed himself. The Synod not only did not deprive him of his rank, but continued to cooperate with him, consulted him on all matters, Hermogen continued to take part in all meetings of the Synod, although he was formally removed from government even by his own Gomel diocese. And when the war broke out, they declared “militia of the DPR / LNR” as a Christ-loving army and prayed for this “Christ-loving army”. I myself heard how Archbishop Tikhon commemorated the “Christ-loving army” during the prayer services in Jerusalem in September 2014. The Gomel diocese led by Bishop Hermogenom announced in October 2014 that “the interests of the Putin regime and Russian Orthodox people coincide,” and the Synod supported Hermogen in this. Archbishop Tikhon openly declared that “Putin (Putin’s policy) is currently holding world evil,” that is, that he is “Holding.” What is it, if not sergian? More precisely – neo-sergism. Nowhere and never they brought repentance in this, they did not admit that they had made a mistake, but on the contrary, when the priests of Artemy Varlamyan from Lesninsky Monastery in France and Sergius Myasoedov from the catacomb parish in Kharkov asked the Synod to recognize, at least, their mistake, the Synod forbade them in the priesthood, and parishioners in Ukraine excommunicated. To me, for example, Bishop Germogen wrote in a letter, justifying his betrayal and elevating him to the rank of deed: “You are afraid of getting dirty”; he meant that I would never go to cooperate with the FSB, but they went. With such bishops, neo-sergians, we were no longer on the road, and we in Ukraine began to commemorate Bishop Stefan. “

Hieromonk Nikon performed the first independent worship service for the Nativity of Christ in the Chernigov parish of the CPI.

Liturgical practice – the appointed 40 liturgies after the priestly consecration – he was held in Lesnino St. Bogoroditsky Monastery in France, the oldest monastery of the “historical ROCOR”. Earlier it was reported that the Lesninsky Monastery in 2016 left the RTOC and was accepted under the omofor of the Serbian True Orthodox Church.


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