Recent Celebrations in Romania for the Feast of St. Glicherie of Romania 2015

July 26, 2015

St. Glicherie’s Feast was celebrated recently on June 15/28.

For the full life of St. Glicherie of Romania in English go here. For a short overview of the persecution of the Romanian True Orthodox (‘Old Calendarists’) go here.

For the nearly four hour youtube video of the celebrations in Romania, go here.

Bishop Demosten, one of the Romanian True Orthodox bishops, when seeking to explain the difference in attitude between the Romanian New Calendarists and the Romanian True Orthodox (‘Old Calendarists’),  summed up the difference between the spirit of Christ and Antichrist with these words:

I never received a formal education. It is true we are not so well educated as the New Calendar clergy. However, I met their theologians who claim that fasting is not important, that dogmas and the traditions of the Church are subject to change. I saw bishops of the State Church act as puppets of the Communists, which not only scandalized the faithful, but compromised the integrity of the Romanian Church throughout the world. My seminary was seven years of prison, my academy was five years of hiding in the forest. I thank God that He did not send me to the New Calendarists’ schools, but that He was merciful to me and gave me the best possible theological training: seven years in Communist prison camps. Once I asked the prison authorities why they cared about the Old Calendarists, and they replied that it was because we pray and fast too much…

Tell the Orthodox in America and elsewhere to preserve the faith of their fathers, and to live an active Orthodox faith according to the teachings of the Church.