Christians Under Attack in Syria

Link to the story on the fall of Maloula, the Christian town where the tomb of St Thekla (first woman martyr, disciple of St Paul) is located. Monk in last photo (Fr Cherubim) is from a monastery between Sadanaya (Damascus) and Maloula.

Photos from St Thekla’s. The young woman with mat. Christina is named Maysa. She is the cousin of the young man in the photo with the monk. Man’s name is Amar (Chrysostomos) is now a married priest, last I knew was serving in Bosra in southwest corner of Syria.

Pray for them!

And call/write your Congressman/Senators saying no to US military strikes on Syria! Better for US to push for negotiations for a peaceful settlement rather than military strikes that will only provoke Iran. Weakening Assad only strengthens the militant Islamists and brings greater anarchy to Syria — the death knell to the Christian presence there.

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