Cremation gets nod, despite resurrection fears

( GREECE’S highest court has approved a government move to legalise cremation, brushing aside complaints from the powerful Orthodox church that it was un-Greek and could hamper the resurrection of the dead.

The court ruling opened the way for municipal authorities to build crematoriums, but also specified that ashes could not be scattered in urban areas or, if at sea, within 1.5 miles of the shore.

A doctor will also have to provide a certificate stating that is no further need to examine the body.

The dogma of the Greek Orthodox church, which covers more than 90 per cent of Greece’s 11 million population, strongly opposes cremation.

Its says bodies which God created should not be burned as this will prevent their resurrection on Judgement Day.

The constitution states that Greece is a secular democracy but recognises the Greek Orthodox church as the prevailing faith.