Cries of heretic greet Metropolitan over Cretan union draft

Cries of “Heretic!” met a group of worshipers in the evening on February 13 in a temple in the name of the Mother of God icon “Joy of All Who Sorrow” in Ordynka in Moscow, which was released on polyeleos Volokolamsky Metropolitan Hilarion (Alpheus), chairman of the DECR, permanent employees in this church, the correspondent “Portal-Credo.Ru”. Thus the group of adherents of the Orthodox Church has expressed its attitude to bishops in the drafting of the Joint Commission on Orthodox-Catholic dialogue on the primacy of the Pope, also known as the “Cretan union.
According to eyewitnesses, a group of young people from among the parishioners and staff of the temple immediately withdrew screaming into the yard, and the incident received no development.
In the incident in the temple on Ordynka during a vigil feast of the Presentation of the Lord responded to my blog leader of the Association of Orthodox experts “Kirill Frolov. He warned everyone to denounce Metropolitan Hilarion, the retreat from orthodoxy:” And I myself and many good and influential Orthodox people working or living near the temple of All Who Sorrow. So any provocation will be stopped at the stage of conception ” .