Ecumenical Patriarchate Bishop at Council in Crete Proclaims Orthodoxy Not Church of the Creed

The Orthodox Church is not the “One Church of the Symbol of Faith”. This belief was announced by representative of the Constantinople Patriarchate Bishop Cyril (Catarellos) of Avida in an article posted at

Bishop Cyril believes that despite confession of the “One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church”, it is not affirmed in the Orthodox patristic Tradition that the Orthodox Church is the One Church of the Creed.

According to the bishop of Avida, those who consider the “One Church” to be exclusively the Orthodox Church are misled. Based on the patristic and canonical Tradition, the “One Church” also includes other heterodox churches, believes the representative of the Constantinople Patriarchate.

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Union of Orthodox Journalists

22 / 06 / 2016