Editorial Snippets and Updates

Joe Suaiden

New Photo-Ops: Seeing Fr Alexander Lebedeff and Metropolitan Hilarion alongside Archbishop Demetrios in a photo-op on the ROCOR website. It would have been unthinkable just a decade ago.

And the Polar Bears Bowed Deeply and Piously: The Russian news services have noted they had Trinity-day services in the Antarctican Church, forever the strangest missionary endeavor of the Moscow Patriarchate. It never actually says how many attended, though, but we predicted way back when that the polar bears should be quite regular in their attendance.

On Subscribing to NFTU by Email: You may have noticed, if you’ve tried recently, that our handy Bloglet reader does not allow you to join it. Or rather, we just noticed, because Bloglet no longer exists. We’ve replaced it with the equally worthwhile service from Feedblitz.

On Mistaken Identity
: Apparently, Fr Spyridon Schneider is about to give himself another round of public self-advertisement for joining the Moscow Patriarchate, with sufficient congratulation from those who have been “blessed” with such an interview. That is one interview I will probably never try to cover. We must assume that “We are seeing new people come all of the time since we joined the ROCOR-MP” will have to be part of the interview, the same thing he said when he went to ROCiE, the same thing he said when he went to ROAC, and the same thing he said when he went to the PSCA. Sigh.

On a related note (and we have someone in mind when we write this, whom we won’t justify by naming) why focus on “True Orthodox news” when you seem to be more interested in causing fights between True Orthodox while promoting official Orthodoxy? Whose cause are you really helping and why?

Anyway, that’s all the thoughts we have to post for fun today. Back with news again tomorrow.