Editorial: The Worst Thing that Could Happen for Russian Punk Band: Madonna

With friends like Madonna, who needs enemies?
(image source: vigilantcitizen.com)

The Russian government has finally begun to express disdain for the outpouring of Western sympathy for Pussy Riot, thanks to Madonna’s emphatic show of support.  Meanwhile, the Russian prosecutor’s office has called for three years in jail for the three women arrested for entering the altar of Christ the Savior Cathedral and singing an offensive song.

Madonna, 53, primarily remembered for such 80’s pop songs as “Celebrate” and “Material Girl”, is currently well known for not only extreme liberal views and often offensive displays, but behavior often compared to the worst of stereotypical American tourists– demanding that others follow her dictates, including foreign governments. By contrast, the Russian government is well known for reacting badly to foreigners making demands.

With a friend like Madonna, yesteryear’s Illuminati tool, on your side, Pussy Riot unfortunately no longer has need of enemies.

If the defense in this case was trying to present a case of three frustrated Russian protesters doing something stupid as opposed to the prosecution’s argument that this was a case of wanton hooliganism in the hope of destroying the moral fabric of Russia, Madonna’s support lends credibility to the latter.  Well-known for taking the “my way or the highway” attitude with non-Westerners, such as in the case in Malawi of attempting to adopt a then-one-year-old boy without the consent of his father (in the end, a failed ruse to shore up a failing marriage), or her recent showboating earlier this year during concert tours of Russia challenging the Russian government’s legal positions on homosexuality (which finally led gay rights activists in Russia to realize that Madonna will use any political position for one purpose– to enrich Madonna), Madonna is seen– in more than just Russia, meaning that her statements could prejudice the case internationally– as an arrogant American tourist, spoiled by riches, demanding that the rest of the world bow to her whims– at least as long as the cameras are rolling.

Madonna’s statements are sadly exactly what the prosecution needs to shore up public support for imprisoning the women. While a variety of musicians and artists in the West have been outspoken in their support of Pussy Riot (reading like a list of interviewees for “I love the 80’s”– Sting, Danny Devito, Faith No More, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, some guy from Pulp, Pete Townshend) leading the Russian public, well acquainted with their work– and likely including President Putin himself– to reconsider their positions, Madonna’s positions are usually comparatively polarizing, because the singer calculates on what to say based upon what will give her maximum exposure. While the Pussy Riot defense apparently hoped Madonna will support their cause (oblivious to the fact that Madonna will do anything to get on camera, so there was little need to even ask) personally I think the prosecution would love nothing more than to make this a trial about Russia’s ongoing culture war, and to present the Moscow Patriarchate– the “injured party” in this case– as a legitimately persecuted body, thanks to the support of a woman who has made a good part of her career about insulting Christianity and promoting Kaballah, and irritating the leadership of countries that aren’t her own.

One can only hope that the Russian government, in considering Madonna’s response– and since Madonna smells publicity, she WILL make a response– realizes that no matter what the court’s decision, Madonna likely doesn’t actually care much either way, because lacking a chart topping hit for well over a decade (maybe two?) making controversial statements is the only way the singer can get attention.

Here’s hoping that the Putin administration doesn’t respond to the whining– and continues to push for leniency– in spite of the fact that Madonna demands it.

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