Finnish Ecumenist Bishop Invites Woman Lutheran Bishop into Altar During Ordination

March 06, 2015

NFTU: The women’s ordination movement appears to be gradually picking up additional speed among the World Orthodox.  In the United States, only last year, there was both a conference seeking to advance the women’s ordination movement among the World Orthodox and a statement endorsing the movement from World Orthodox clergy. Archbishop Leo, the head of the Finnish Church, issued a statement asking for clarification from Met. Ambrosius on the matter. Of course, in the Finnish Church the issue of homosexuality has been ‘debated’ with different views being expressed by the ecumenist-modernists:

“A completely new stage was experienced in the spring of 2009, when the Orthodox Rainbow Society and the movement Community arranged a conference of European Christian homosexuals in the town of Järvenpää near Helsinki. The contribution of the Orthodox was so strongly present in the program that it is well-grounded to assume that it took place with the blessing of the local Bishop. Originally it was planned that Metropolitan of Helsinki Ambrosius would himself participate in the conference, but the offense caused by the event among the Orthodox, even abroad, finally forced him to stay out of it.”

“Metropolitan of Helsinki Ambrosius has even suggested that ‘Communion hospitality’ with the Lutheran church should be adopted as a goal so that it would at the first stage extend to the (Lutheran) family members of the Orthodox in mixed marriages.”

“Metropolitan Ambrosius goes even further. For him, those who belong to other religions are brothers in faith, and in praying with them, it is possible to experience something from the Miracle of Pentecost. The website of cultural journal Kaltio quotes one of his speeches, which he held, when serving as the Metropolitan of Oulu: “I had the opportunity to attend the joint peace prayer day in Assisi, Italy, in 1986, hosted by Pope John Paul II between various religions. In Assisi, representatives of Islam, Asian religions and religions of native peoples prayed together with representatives of various Churches for the peace of world. […] In my heart, I joined the prayers and sighs read by Hindus, Buddhists, Moslems, etc. The thought that the situation would be somehow unreal or absurd didn’t even come to my mind. On the contrary, the atmosphere resembled the miracle of Pentecost; a glimpse of hope amidst the variety of confrontations and upheavals of our contemporary world. Even as Christians, we were able to pray together for peace, because we understood that God was somehow present in the search of truth by the others, too.’ “

“In the spring meeting of the Finnish Ecumenical Council, held on 27 March 2008 in Orthodox Cultural Center Sofia in Helsinki, Metropolitan Ambrosius in a way crystallizes the view of our local Church towards ecumenism in his speech Divine Wisdom in Post-Modern Twilight, saying boldly: ‘Finland is a model country in inter-church cooperation. If the Finnish Orthodox Church weren’t so bound by international praxis, cooperation might be even closer in Finland. We are the receptive part in the process; we follow the discussion going on in the Lutheran Church. And it has had an effect on us, for instance, in regard with ordination of women; in this matter, we certainly are on a wave completely different from the rest of the Orthodox world.”

“Metropolitan Ambrosius is known of his relationships with the business circles, and he has cooperated, for instance, with the Freemasons. He left the organization in the beginning of the 1980s, but has visited its meetings as a speaker until the recent years. According to his opinion,Freemasonry is nothing more than membership in the Rotary Movement. Therefore the prohibition in the canons against the membership in secret societies cannot  be extended to the activities of Freemasons of our times.”

The report on the World Orthodox Metropolitan is below:



Orthodox Metropolitan Ambrosius of Helsinki of the Finnish Orthodox Church invited Female Evangelical Lutheran bishop Irja Askola to Altar with him during Clergy ordination at the Sunday Divine Liturgy. This has sparked much controversy.

He also ordered the Deacons to pray for the Lutheran woman bishop during litany. This has angered several Orthodox faithful.

Archbishop Leo- Primate of the Finnish Orthodox Church has condemned the incident and has asked Metropolitan to clarify the issue before considering any measures against him.

Major Finnish newspapers have reported the incident. Archbishop Leo have released an official statement on the controversial incident which is available at the official website of the Finnish Church.