Fr Andrei Kuraev: MP missionary’s murder his fault

Hat-tip: M.C.

(portal-credo) Archdeacon Andrei Kuraev, professor of the Moscow Theological Academy and one of the most prominent representatives of “the missionary wing” of Patriarch Kyrill, believes that not all the missionary methods used by the recently murdered priest, Fr. Daniel Sysoev, were exemplary.

Speaking on the “Stolitsa” channel, Fr. Andrew expressed the hope that “a very good attitude to his Father Daniel and his memory should not be identified alongside the attitude to certain aspects of his missionary work, that those missionary methods had not been praised along with his father Daniel.

Protodeacon Kuraev pointed to the “golden rule” in the work of a missionary: “If you want someone to give faith in Christ, do not hurt, do not insult these people.”

“Unfortunately, one of the favorite sayings of Father Daniel was “[If] God will not give, Islam will not eat.” It is true, of course, at first glance, maybe, and can bring a smile, but you think how these words will be perceived by faithful Muslims, when they reach them, what will be the reaction, it is very hard “, – quoted the archdeacon to Interfax-Religion.

He emphasized that [he was] not talking about hypothetical killer of the priest, but about “how many Muslim sites reacted to the news of the murder of his father Daniel Sysoeva – reacted with enthusiasm, proclaiming the praises of Allah.”

“Some of the fault lies with Father Daniel. You can not insult the sanctity of another person, the missionary should just give,” summed up Father Andrew.