Fr Elias Greer Received into ROAC

Fr Elias Greer was received into ROAC this weekend, ending speculation and accusations of rumor concerning the matter of whether Fr Elias would be allowed to function as a priest.

When NFTU reported this months ago, we were accused of maligning the resurgent American ROAC mission with falsehoods and rumors, and I took it personally. I could use this to vindicate myself and start pointing fingers.

Still, this is not a time for mud-slinging but celebration, as another parish joins the ranks of the True Orthodox Churches. It is our hope that perhaps what we are aiming to accomplish here at this news site– reporting on True Orthodox events and Ecumenist events without accusations and partisan politics– will perhaps help inform people and bring them closer to Christ. And I hope that this is a new beginning in ROAC in America– one devoid of the cultish secrecy that plagued its first attempt at an American mission under a Bishop who eventually left the Synod altogether in his madness.

Welcome, Fr Elias, to the True Orthodox Churches. I wish you the best.

Joseph Suaiden, NFTU