Fr Igor Chitikov of St Petersburg PSCA Parish Protests 5th All Diaspora Sobor

(source: Mech-I-Trost) On October 5, a letter was released purporting to be from Fr Igor Chitikov and the parish Council of St Andrew, St Petersburg, FL, to Bishop Agafangel of Odessa claiming that they are alarmed by the upcoming All-Diaspora Sobor of the ROCOR-PSCA. Stating that the parish’s reason for joining with Bp Agafangel was based solely on the fact that Bp Gabriel of Manhattan was forcibly moved to Canada, the letter states that they never asked to be placed under Bp Andronik of Richmond Hill and the North American administrative district, claiming that such structures make the PSCA more like the Greek Old Calendarist “schisms”.

The letter states that “The reason for the appeal to you in this letter is that our parish has been placed in the diocese of parishes of Bp Andronik. We think that this is done in haste. We have not approached any requests to Bishop Andronik, and as of to 17 May 2007, there was no such administrative district in our Church. We appeal to you not as head of a new church organization, but as the only bishop RPTSZ (on the list at 17.05.2007) that did not accept ‘act of canonical communion’.

The letter further poses questions about the glorification of Metropolitan Philaret and asks why not previous hierarchs of the Church Abroad.