Fr Theodore Zisis on Breaking Communion with Heresiarchs

(Source: OrthodoxEthos) Fr Theodore Zisis, a well known traditionalist author and speaker in the New Calendar Church of Greece, recently lectured on the question of Canon XV of the First-Second Synod. While he dismisses the Old Calendarists’ efforts as basically meaningless, he does bring up the fact that the canonical logic of breaking from a heresiarch is indeed valid, and warns that when those “fighting from within” in Orthodoxy will cause a wave that will be felt by the whole world.

Overall, the lecture is quite good, and does incontrovertibly demonstrate that breaking from a hierarch preaching heresy is valid. Whether this would simply repeat the history of the Old Calendarists anew is an open question; of course were this to happen it would simply mean that the number of Orthodox for sacred tradition has simply increased. In any case, it’s a great video for those who believe that remaining in communion with innovators at all costs is the only way forward.

The video with canons is available at the source.