From “Festive worship in Suzdal”

( The bells are long silent in the churches of Suzdal – at Tsar Constantine cathedral, once the center of spiritual life of Suzdal, there hangs a rusty lock….

…Undoubtedly, it (the Moscow Patriarchate) will find sponsors to gild the dome, which the poor people of Suzdal could not gild on their dime. But the townspeople well remember and will be remembered as the hired workers of the Land Management office ruthlessly cut down the rose bushes planted by the St. Nicholas- Holy Cross Church faithful in memory of their deceased relatives, mutilated and trampled flower beds, and vines beautifully braided the Cross chapel. Taking away the faithful, the churches stand on the locks, the wooden flooring and design, devoid of ventilation, are rotting, and may soon fall through the floors in Lazarevskaya, Antipievskoy and Assumption Church….
In the patronal feast of the church on June 3 the Tsar-Constantine temple was closed. But the believers of ROAC gathered again and again before their icons in a new place, light candles and offered praises to God and the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving. Vigils in memory of Saints Constantine and Helen headed by Archbishop Theodore Borisov and Otradnensk. Morning of June 3 in a house Church for Tsar Constantine akathist to the holy kings and the consecration of the water took place. After the Divine Liturgy of the Lord in preaching once again reminded that three years ago, the Orthodox of Suzdal marked 30 years of Tsar Constantine temple, but now we are forced to pray in another place, in exile, because God is important for our soul, our heart and our pure faith. “For us, not with strangers, which will take our cathedral, preserved the continuity of the spiritual life of the community. We took it with him, and there were only walls, hear our prayer, “- said Vladyka.
July 1: The holiday of the Bogolyubski Mother of God in the Synodal Cathedral in celebration of worship led by Bishop of Tula and Bryansk Irinarkh. The newly styled believers akafistnym singing Queen of Heaven, before the list of ancient Suzdal Bogolyubski miraculous image, which is now ruined by the Moscow Patriarchate.
July 2: the Feast of St. John of Shanghai, the wonderworker, church festival observed home church Suzdal Convent of Mercy in the name of St. John of Shanghai. Skhii-Igumena Lavrentia took pilgrims, festive worship performed by cathedral priest Eugene Savin.
Saturday 3 July the parish of St. Prince Alexander Nevsky and the believers of the ROAC entire Suzdal village district were in his house of prayer Bogolyubskii icon in front of which occurred akathist and prayer with the blessing of the waters. All the believers were expelled from the Vladimir officials from the fully restored church, and now forced to pray in the chapel.