US Gov and Allies Continue to Back Islamic Rebels Against Syria

June 01, 2013 According to recent news reports, the anti-Assad rebel forces of Syria continue massacres of Christians. Recently, an whole village of men, women, children, and all ages, were killed by the Syrian rebels. As has been reported on and known since last year, the Syrian rebels are mainly Al-Quaeda linked groups, and affiliated organizations. This is combined with reports from German intelligence that about 95% of the fighting force of the rebels are not even Syrian. And, of course, who can ignore the fatwas being issued by Sunni clerics in Egypt calling for the killing of Assad?  Are these rebels, who apparently have most of their fighting force from outside Syria (and as someone pointed out, “How can they really be ‘rebels’ then?”) really the Syrian equivalent of George Washington, Lajos Kossuth, or Dorde Karageorge?

As the recent visit by US Senator John McCain to visit with Islamic Rebel Forces, on the behest of the US Government, has backfired in media outlets (especially since one of the commanders he met with is well-known for kidnapping and killing hostages), one wonders how long will this continue? If average people can simply type in a few key words on google, and read the dozens of stories, reports,etc, from many sources that confirm all the above, it stands to reason that the White House and other government functionaries know very well what is happening.

With Russia backing the Syrian government against American backed Al-Qaeda and Islamic forces (with prominent rebel brigades named after Osama bin Laden and even with videos of rebel leaders praising bin Laden and the 9/11 attacks), new escalations could occur.  Important is the sale of anti-aircraft missiles by Russia to Syria. However, Israel, which has engaged in repeated attacks on Syria (and thus aiding the Islamic rebel forces), has warned that any attempt by Syria to defend itself from Israeli strikes will meet with dire consequences; Israel has also said that it will destroy Russian ships attempting to deliver missiles to Syria. As Syria’s current air defense systems are outdated, and unable to defend against superior American technology given to Israel, the introduction of the s-300 anti-aircraft missile defense will make Israeli attacks on Syria much more costly (that is, Israel will no longer be able to strike with relative impunity).

With Syria besieged by US, Western allied, Egyptian and Saudi backed Sunni Islamic Jihadists, as well as being threatened by the powerful nuclear armed neighbor of Israel, it is no wonder that Syria has threatened Israel, and warned it not to attack the nation anymore. With the vast majority of rebels seeking to create an Islamic state along the model of either Saudi Arabia, or perhaps Muslim Brotherhood controlled Egypt, one wonders what will happen to the Christian minority? Already 300,000 have fled the country as the Western backed rebels have rampaged throughout the country; murdering Christians, their clergy, and destroying churches.

The Islamic rebels now say they won’t participate in any peace talks unless Assad goes, Hezbollah withdraws, and the country is essentially turned over to them. A strange situation in which Christians are depending upon Iranian backed Hezbollah to help protect them from additional massacres. And, yet, despite the duplicity of the American government’s attempts at organizing ‘peace talks’ and seemingly agreeing to withold some of the aid to Syrian Rebels (undoubtedly because of popular outcry and media reporting), the continued policy of the US government has always been regime change. This means the ousting of Assad, and the ultimate replacement by the Syrian rebels and the massacre of the Christian and Alawite minorities. Of all nations, one would expect Israel to be steadfastly against being surrounded by Islamist states; not to mention, we would expect the US government to be against this as well. However, there is some method to all this madness.  By propping up, and supporting Islamic takeovers, it ensures for Israel and the US, the ability to continue to frighten its public with the legitimate spectre of Islamic terrorism (even if that terrorism is being payed for intentionally and directly by the US government) against its own people.  What other reasonable explanation is there, considering what we know? If the other explanation is that the bi-partisan leadership of  President Obama, Sen. McCain, Sec. John Kerry, etc, as well as the intelligence institutions providing ‘information’,  are just so stupid as to not see this, then, none of them have any business being in positions of power.