Holy Transfiguration Monastery Wins Copyright Lawsuit

August 10th, 2012

In recent events, Holy Transfiguration Monastery has sued Abp. Gregory of Colorado over copyright infringement.  The court’s decision was found in favour of Holy Transfiguration Monastery (which monastery is the the seat of HOCNA) last week, according to The American Conservative.

The controversy revolved around the use of material that was copyrighted by HTM. Abp. Gregory of Colorado was accused of violating copyright by putting several liturgical texts (such as the Octoechoes) up on one of his internet web sites.  The final decision was handed down last Thursday, August 2nd, by a Boston court, which ruled in favour of the monastery.

With the HTM court victory, any such copyright material must obviously be taken down. While there are probably a few things one would characterize differently in the TAC article linked,  the point brought up about the use of copyright by monks is interesting.  With the internet as it is, and with information and books being everywhere on line, one is forced to ask: what are the real costs in such lawsuits? Whatever the ultimate outcome of situations like this, it will not be too long in terms of time before the results are fully revealed.