“I had no illusions.” Kuraev fired from the Moscow Theological Academy

September 08, 2014 (Source: http://tvrain.ru/)

Originally reported on September 05

According to Fr. Andrew Kuraev, a well-known Proto-Deacon in the Moscow Patriarchate, he was fired from his post at the Moscow Theological Academy over his many criticisms of the corruption in the Sergainist Patriarchate, among which was the pedophilia scandal at the Kazan Theological Academy. Fr. Andre has spoken out for some time against what he calls the ‘Blue Lobby’ (powerful gay lobby in the Moscow Patriarchate).  When asked if what was happening was in respect to his exposure of the “Blue Lobby” and the Kazan scandal, he replied:

“Yes, it was associated with pedophilia in the Kazan seminary when sexual harassment occurred when the rulers face in the seminary molested students. The guys wrote to me, including, in the Patriarchate. I supported the students, but it turned out that I took the wrong side. A week ago, the patriarch awarded Kazan Metropolitan, he said to him the kindest words, as it is wonderful. However, the leadership of the Kazan seminary for the last six months have changed, and a number of students took to the Moscow Seminary.”