Letters: “Neo-apocalyptic Literature” and True Orthodoxy Today

A Letter from a Reader:

True Orthodox must wake up and stop admiring their so-called adherence to Orthodoxy. Most of the hierarchs are looking out for their stomach. It is a scandal that there are so many sects of traditional orthodox and the people are left to the wolves. The world has a world religion. It is upon us and the True Orthodox are sleeping. Forgive me. See articles below. G.

Dear friend,

Thank you for your letter!

Near my home is an abandoned Masonic temple, designed in the classic “creepy” style of such structures, this one being apparently a triangular prism. It has been closed for many years, and is an example of the contributions of groups to our general history. Such groups controlled the architecture and urban development of much of the American landscape over the past two centuries and before, and it is a reminder that all man’s plans laid are nought before God, who sees all and will judge all mankind from its inception to the present on the last day. I often consider how great those freemasons who built the temple thought themselves, and how worthless the structure has become, a home now to perhaps 200 generations of rats.

Watching the “All-Powerful Elite” Can Become a “Religion” All its Own

This current theme– which becomes popular among many Orthodox trying to explain the origin of the evil and anti-Christian times in which we live– of “elite-watching” is helpful to understand the state of humanity in which we’re living but can oftentimes become a religion in and of itself. Your phrasing almost sounds like it would be of a benefit to me to abandon True Orthodoxy and spend more time following the “Vigilant Citizen” site. Believe it or not, I actually get updates from that site in my email, so while I appreciate your sentiment, I must point out that this is fundamentally misguided– many True Orthodox Christians, long persecuted by both local and global forces against the Church, do in fact have a working knowledge of the general workings of these groups which control a large part of our “cultural development” (through music, television, cinema).

However, the response to such theories must simply be the same as it has been for two thousand years: we need to fast and pray, and remain obedient to the teaching of the Church, and keep our eyes watchful for the evil that lurks about us. The Fathers of the Church have taught consistently about the coming of Antichrist, and the world at that time. There is nothing more “advanced” or “comprehensive” that we need to learn. To say that “It is a scandal that there are so many sects of traditional orthodox and the people are left to the wolves…The world has a world religion… It is upon us and the True Orthodox are sleeping” tells me that you take “new apocalypticists” more seriously than you take Our Lord Jesus Christ, who is with the Church “until the end of the age”.

The Goal of the Enemy is Always the Same: Separation from the Church

Many of these new “apocalyptic hypotheses” are in fact anti-Christian– that is, they are designed to lead people from the faith– and play into the hands of the globalists, who want nothing more than to lead us away from Orthodox truth: belief in mass annihilation without the providence of God (Georgia Guidestones hypothesis) or beliefs of a fully enslaved mankind to an elite (a constant theme in much of this “apocalyptic” literature) or that the earth can be destroyed by its residents (underpinning much of the climate change and global warning theses) go against what the plain teachings of the Fathers about the end comprise in terms of what must and will happen: the Temple must be rebuilt, 1/3 of the population will be destroyed by a fundamentally otherwordly process– allowed not by man, but God– the other 2/3 to be under the grip of Antichrist for a few years, et cetera. Such a straightforward teaching protects us from such proud ideas that man, not God, is in control of the general situation.

The Fathers versus the “New Apocalyptic Teachings”: a last schism?

That said, while the record of most True Orthodox leaders has ranged from cautious to zealously protective for their flocks against the globalist agendas, the record of certain among the True Orthodox (far less so than in World Orthodoxy) has been incredibly disappointing. At least three Synods in Greece and Romania, for example, basically treat the events in the book of Revelation are allegorical, one going so far as to forbid the reading of even Orthodox literature on the subject and another dismissing concerns of the zealots about globalism as “superstition”. Thus they have joined the many World Orthodox who likewise treat the evils of this era not as harbingers of the time of Antichrist, but a time of great “earthly progress”. This was condemned by the Synod of the Patristic Calendar, as well as the Synod of Archbishop Makarios, and most Catacomb Churches in Russia as delusional at its core and potentially– if not already clearly– heretical. It goes very much against the Church’s central teaching that society does not improve but worsens with each passing generation, as we come closer and closer to the end of days and the Final Judgment by Our Lord. Certainly many will repose before then, but the Orthodox teaching remains heretofore unchanged.

My hypothesis– in part validated by the fact it is increasingly occurring throughout the world– is that we shall probably see one more schism in our own lifetimes, which will fall outside the lines with the general Unia– but not by much: a division between those with underlying modernist beliefs which see the advent of the demonic and its tools through the lenses which the monied elite want us to see them– as “forward progress”– versus those who humbly accept the Patristic teachings and try their best to live according to those dictates, taking, as Christians have done through all ages, that which is good of a time, making use of it, but never forgetting that nothing in this world should be an end in itself but a means to an end. That division, between “progressives” and “traditionalists”, is the same as it was in the earliest days of ecumenism, and every heresy before it: those who want communion with the world and those who want communion with Christ.

In Closing: The Patristic Teaching on the End is Sufficient Foundation for Understanding

I would recommend this site, http://orthodoxeschatology.blogspot.com, which details the simple Patristic teaching on the end from the words of many Fathers of the Church. You will be surprised how surprisingly consistent they are, and once you are honestly knowledgeable about what is to come, you will worry less, and focus on your salvation, which is the purpose of the Church of Christ from its establishment to these last days.

Thank you again for your letter, and I hope my answer was helpful. Remember this is Great Lent and there is much for us to do.

In Christ,
Deacon Joseph