Met. Demetrius of America Visits Sts. Cyprian and Justina Monastery

On March 5 (OS) / 18 (NS), Metropolitan Demetrius of America visited the monastery of Sts. Cyprian and Justina, in Phyle, Greece. The monastery was the former headquarters of the defunct Synod in Resistance, which, with its union with the GOC (K), has become the the center of the new Metropolis of Oropops and Phyle.

Note: We originally referred to Metropolitan Demetrius as “of Astoria,” but have corrected this to reflect his proper title, “of America.” The Metropolis of Astoria was absorbed into the Metropolis of America in 1998, after Metropolitan Petros of Astoria reposed (+1997) and Metropolitan Paisios (Loulourgas) of America subscribed himself to the heresy of Ecumenism (1998). With the election of Metropolitan Pavlos (Stratigeas, 1998-2013), the two Metropolises were united, and Metropolitan Demetrius thus succeeds him as Metropolitan of America.