Metropolitan Agafangel (ROCOR-A): Appeal to the “Old Diaspora”

November 05, 2014 (Source:

An Appeal to the members of the “Old Diaspora.” Let us remember the number that have fallen away!

Now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation ( 2 Corinthians 6:2)

Dear brothers and sisters!

Within every community there are those who are loyal and those who are not. The day will come as it is written in the Gospel, and that day is coming soon, when Christ will divide all the sheep and goats on one side or another.

Today may be a rehearsal of that day. Today the Russian people have once again clearly divided themselves into Whites and Reds. Paradoxically, the Reds have suddenly decided they are the Whites and have already taken over the position the Whites once held. They left us, proudly carrying along the white flag of capitulation, believing erroneously, that this is a symbol of victory.

These divisions exist not only among us. Thy are within the other fragments of our bygone ROCA. Perhaps the time has come to unite with those who were always on one side of the barricades and looked at the enemies of God only over the border of their hearts and cosnciences.

I invite all the ‘old members of the diaspora’ who like Met. Vitaly do not desire or accept any compromise with the Reds to join us in Odessa on November 25 on the even of the Council meeting so that we may meet and discuss our common problems. If we come to an agreement, then we can all participate in the Council. This extraordinary Council, whose course will depend on the decisions we make together.

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