Metropolitan Damascene (Balabanov) Predicts Possible Disastrous Split within the MP

(MOSCOW) Metropolitan Damascene (Balabanov), first hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church-Archierarchical Synod (Rus-OC) predicts disaster awaits in the matter of Bp Diomid of Chukotka.

In an interview with, the Metropolitan argues that Bp Diomid potentially causing a schism within the Moscow Patriarchate is not unlike the restructuring of the Soviet regime under Mikhail Gorbachev, and that the Moscow Patriarchate, being essentially a state agency (contrary to the idea of being “cleansed” or “restored” promoted in some quarters) will simply form into a reformed state agency.

The Metropolitan said that “From a spiritual point of view of all this is not too different from Yeltsin’s struggle against Gorbachev’s leadership of the CPSU in the early years of perestroika. [In the case of] The Moscow Patriarchate: the church is analogous to the CPSU. The Patriarchate has shifted Vladika Diomid of Anadyr from his department, has banned him from service and (with the condition of repentance!) robbed his dignity. Or, if translated into more understandable language: the ‘Metro-politbureau’ removed the rebel Secretary from office and withdrew him from the Central Committee.”

“Before Bishop Diomid was a great temptation – the creation of its church structure on the foundations of the same Moscow Patriarchate. I do not want to prophesy, but most likely will it will so happen. I am afraid that we will see another, ‘Yeltsinite’ church, which in the end, will be no better than a ‘Gorbachev’-type church.”