Metropolitan Valentine Assaulted in Suzdal, Robbery Suspected

(10.14.2005 – Suzdal) Metropolitan Valentine of Suzdal and Vladimir is recovering in the hospital today after being assaulted last night in his home in Suzdal. At approximately 4:30 PM (16:30) the Metropolitan was home alone, and there was no one else present at the diocesan house due to evening services for the feast of the protection of the Th. The assailants entered through a hidden entrance to the house inside the altar area of the Metropolitan’s private chapel and upon finding Metropolitan Valentine bound and gagged him, wrapped him in a rug, and began to beat him. Something caused the assailants to run; precisely what is unclear.

The assault was assumed at first to have fractured the Metropolitan’s skull; however, it seems a part of his jaw was damaged. The further extent of his injuries is as yet unknown.

Police currently define the motive as robbery. A number of valuables were missing. However, the most expensive of the valuables were dropped as the assailants were put to flight. At last report no suspects have been arrested.

The Metropolitan is in stable condition. NFTU