Milan Synod and American Metropolia Now at Even Number of Bishops

Milan Synod Deletes Statements Related to Attempted Moscow Union

(NFTU) The remaining four Bishops of the Synod of Milan (three in Italy and one in Spain) have been listed on a revamped website of the Synod this week, removing the previous year’s postings, which called for union with the Moscow Patriarchate and led to a schism between themselves and their sister Churches, including their daughter Metropolia in America. References to Archbishop Boris of Germany have been removed and his current position in reference to the Synod is unclear. With the American Metropolia’s election of a new Bishop for Miami and Cuba, the two sides have four Bishops each.

The new Milan website advertises current missionary efforts of the ROCOR-Moscow Patriarchate.

Two of the Milan Synod’s former Bishops in France and Switzerland are now in communion with the True Orthodox Church of the Patristic Calendar under Metropolitan Anghelos of Avlonos– which remains in communion with the American Metropolia– and administer their dioceses independently. It is unclear whether the addition of a third Western Bishop would give impetus to the formation of a new Synod of Western Europe to replace the Milan Synod, but this now remains very much a distinct possibility. Further, speculation has increased that Metropolitan Evloghios has formally retired Abp Abundius who, in recent days, is seen vested as a priest, a request of the Metropolitans formerly in communion with him.

It is now becoming increasingly apparent that with the union attempt of 2011, unless Metropolitan Evloghios chooses to revert to his position of January of this year attempting to restore communion with the rest of the True Orthodox in his communion, that the end of the Milan Synod as the representative traditional Orthodox Synod of Western Europe seems be be approaching more rapidly than expected, even without a union with Moscow approaching.