Milan Synod: Feast of the New Confessor Glycherie of Romania in Milan

(ortodossia-in-occidente) Metropolitan Eulogius of Milan met with the hierarchs of the Metropolis of Aulonos and Boetia this past weekend, culminating in the concelebration for the feast of the New Confessor, Glycherie of Romania, in a large and festive celebration at the Lazzaretto June 15 (June 28, New Style).

Two Bishops of the Greek Metropolis arrived: Metropolitan Anghelos of Aulonos and Boetia, and his vicar, Bishop Porphyrios of Martiriopolis. Present at the liturgy was also Archbishop Onuphrius of Bergamo.

The Metropolis of Aulonos is currently under the assistance of the Western Synod, and thus remains one of the various bodies in communion only with the Milan Synod, which currently includes a catacomb Romanian Archdiocese and the aforesaid Metropolis. The Metropolis has three Bishops, approximately 24 parishes and serves approximately three thousand faitful.