Moscow Patriarchate Needs Protection?


The Moscow Patriarchate, which claims to be the sole legitimate Russian Orthodox Church in Russia, says that it is under ‘attack’. Yes, that’s correct; or, at least, that what they say. Apparently the MP has found itself unable to deal with a group of young women who staged a protest in one of their cathedrals. In fact, the ridiculous gang of girls who staged an over the top and ill-mannered protest will most likely remain in jail for the time being.

But, what’s interesting is a new poll conducted by ‘neutral’ state owned VTSIOM
polling center, which found that “some half of Russians believe Orthodox Church needs public protection.” (Did I say VTSIOM is state run, that is, Kremlin and therefore Kirill run?) According to Interfax-Religion in the above linked article:

” Prayers in defense of faith, desecrated holy places, and the good name of the church were held in all Russian Orthodox cathedrals on April 22. The decision to hold the prayers was made by the Supreme Church Council in response to the blasphemy committed in the past months.”

Hmm. Desecrated holy places. For some reason that brings a few other things to mind; like, arson perpetuated on ROCOR-A churches, vandalism of ROAC churches, revocation of tax status (working on the documents for this one) of non-MP Orthodox in Russia.

So, who’s the real persecutors? Who are the real ones needing protection? The gigantic Soviet created, now oligarch state allied Moscow Patriarchate under the leadership of the world reknowned ecumenist billionaire,
or the true Orthodox Christians in Russia who have no one in the media to speak for them, have no one in power allied to them, have little to no money, and are subject to constant terror?

To Patriarch Kirill, I say, “Persecuted! Indeed, Sir!” But, then again, I’m sure if I was close enough to him to mouth those words, I’d know the real meaning of persecution, and very swiftly indeed.

Hieromonk Enoch

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