MP-Belarus Leads the Way at Ecumenical Meeting in Italy

Again, nothing to see here…. While reviewing ecumenism in Europe, we can’t pass over Metropolitan Filaret of Belarus (Moscow Patriarchate) leading the “Orthodox” party during ecumenical events under the auspices of the Sant’Egidio community in Italy, famous for its ecumenical events.

While the English-language version of the site has no pictures available, the Italian language of the site has dozens of them for each part of the whole ecumenical meeting. For ecumenism-spotters, this is a real treat. You can even try to figure out which of the ecumenist leaders are at the altar during the Mass (which is really tricky, because they are all long-distance shots.)

This one is our favorite.

That said, this disturbing meeting apparently had a sizeable number of official Orthodox prelates there for it, of which Metropolitan Filaret of Minsk was the biggest “catch” (and therefore most prominently featured among them in the pictures.)

The most obviously ecumenistic service was the joint candle lighting ceremony at the end, complete with Catholics, Orthodox, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims lighting up their respective flames. (To reach those pictures, click here, and choose “Ceremonia Finale” in the drop down menu).

Wait, no, this one.

I wish there was more to say than: World Orthodoxy, here are your leaders.

Aha! There is!

The canons are clear, the teachings of the Church are clear, and if this bothers you, allow me to once again shamelessly advertise the True Orthodox Directory of North America for our North American readers. You don’t have to be a part of this! This is not Orthodoxy!