MP Buses Demonstrators into Moscow as “Show of Support”

Orson Welles led the nationalist

Two large tourist buses? Does this mean the MP has maybe 100 people actually in Moscow supporting it in the case of the jailing? NFTU

(source) No more than 300 participants gathered at a 22 July rally (national vigil) “in defense of RPTsMP” and against “the blasphemy of ‘Pussy Riot,'” held on Suvorov Square of Moscow by the “National Assembly” public movement and the “Union of Orthodox Citizens,” a correspondent reports. The leaders of the “Association of Orthodox Experts” and the “Corporation of Orthodox Action,” Kirill Frolov, who actively invited Orthodox believers to this rally, for some unknown reason did not come to the event as did his companions also.

The participants were holding black-yellow-white monarchist flags, the symbol of the “National Assembly” and posters:  “To jail for blasphemy!”; “No to spiritual iniquity!”; “Russia is unthinkable without Orthodoxy”; “We defend His Holiness Patriarch Kirill!”; “Holy Rus, preserve Orthodox faith!”; and others. All posters had been printed on the same printer and had standard size and color. Icons in ancient style were brought to the event by parishioners of the church of St. Nicholas on Bersenevka in Moscow, led by their rector Hegumen Kirill Sakharov. Other clergy at the rally who gave speeches were the chairman of the Department of Relations of Church and Society of MP, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, Archpriest Oleg Steniaev, and Hegumen Ioann Yermakov.

The crowd was also addressed by leaders of the “National Assembly,” “Union of Orthodox Citizens,” the “Family, Love, Fatherland” movement, and the Foundation for Erecting a Monument to Patriarch Ermogen. As was explained to the correspondent, the majority of the crowd had come to Moscow for the rally from other cities; in particular, opposite the monument to A. Suvorov stood two large tourist busses with a monarchist symbol and Ivanovo province license plates.

One of the speakers, an attorney for “victims” in the “Pussy Riot” case, demanded release of the “blasphemers” to get them to repeat their “punk prayer service” in a mosque and synagogue.

“Today it is very important that people display their solidarity and that they are ready to defend their sacred things and values and to be concerned for the future of the country and do everything possible to protect from attack our churches, shrines, patriarch, church, and country,” the website of “Interfax-Religiia” quoted the speech of Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin at the rally. Speaking of unspecified dark forces, Father Vsevolod assured that they, these forces, “never cease and never leave us in peace, and we need to be able to display our national civic will peacefully and nonaggressively, without reacting to each ‘sneeze’ of the enemy with malice or revenge. Revenge, anger, offenses—all of these defile a person, you and I know from the spiritual practice of the Orthodox Church.”

“We must always,” Father Vsevolod called, “when challenges are hurled at the church, its primate, the nation and its sacred things respond to them with a peaceful but firm and strong worthy civil action. . . . It will not become easier for us to live. Talk about the argument around the church settling down is, unfortunately, very far from reality. Indeed, we must expect new attacks and we must always be ready to give a response.” (tr. by PDS, posted 23 July 2012)

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