MP clergy take blessings from Pope, Statue of Pope Coming to Moscow

While we are not surprised that this sort of thing continues, for the sake of our readers, it is useful to point out that the Moscow Patriarchate sees itself as a lower partner in the ecumenical dialogue. Admittedly, this is nothing new, and of course we state those annoying canonical prohibitions like “one cannot take blessings from heretics, cannot treat heretical leaders as Bishops, et cetera”, but there is very little we can say to stop it in practice. The simple fact is that the MP’s Sergianist Bishops see the Pope of Rome as the first Bishop of the Church, and this isn’t Orthodox. But, as we’ve been reporting these things for years, it’s pretty obvious that they don’t really care. As always, our advice is to seek True Orthodox Bishops. Without that sort of bulwark of grace, the average individual can rationalize away everything, including the canons. 

The same day this video came out, it was announced a statue of Pope John Paul would be placed in Moscow in the next couple of weeks. The ecumenist train keeps on rolling, and as always, we advise our readers to get off at the nearest possible stop.