MP: Fr Daniel Syosev’s Murderer “Caught”

Amazingly, they found the weapon on the guy! And of course, he died in a hail of gunfire, so now he can’t even be questioned. And of course, the guy was carrying the weapon on him! All your humble editor thinks is: The search is over, Montag is dead; a crime against society has been avenged.

(Interfax) – The Russian Prosecutor’s Office Investigative Committee (POIC) has identified the murderer of Orthodox priest Daniil Sysoyev, who was shot dead at the St. Thomas Church in Moscow in November 2009, POIC spokesman Vladimir Markin told Interfax.

“A man was delivered to a road patrol post in Makhachkala for criminal record checks after raising suspicions with law enforcement officers,” Markin told Interfax on Tuesday.

“The detained man threw a grenade into the building and then started shooting at the policemen from a pistol,” he said.

“He was killed by return fire,” Markin said.

He held a passport in the name of Beksultan Karykbekov born in Osh, Kyrgyzstan, in 1987, and the pistol, from which he fired at the policemen, was an airgun reconverted for 9-millimeter cartridges, the spokesman said.

“Investigators received conclusive evidence that it was this pistol that killed Sysoyev,” the POIC official said.

“Due to this, an additional inquiry has been launched to check whether Karykbekov was involved in the attack on the church priest,” he said.

On November 19, 2009, a masked man entered the St. Thomas Church in Kantemirovskaya Street at around 10:45 p.m. and fired at least four shots at the head of the church, Daniil Sysoyev, and regent Vladimir Strelbitsky, the POIC official recalled. Father Daniil died of the sustained injuries on the way to hospital.

Fr. Daniil had received repeated threats from radical Islamists unhappy with his anti-Islamist rhetoric and missionary work among Muslims.

Later, an Islamic organization called The Information Analysis Division of the Imarat Kavkaz Ingush Vilayat Armed Forces Headquarters claimed responsibility for the priest’s murder. Sysoyev was murdered by one of our activists for denigrating Islam, the organization said in a statement.