MP lay organization: We need beautiful people, the ugly people can go

We really don’t make this stuff up. —NFTU

(Interfax) – Orthodox calendars should depict beautiful people and not to be afraid of being considered “glamorous,” thus the Union of Orthodox citizens commented on the news that Vatican issued a New Year calendar with “glamorous” priests.

“It’s absolutely natural that good looking people are chosen for the calendar. They don’t say it, but Orthodox editions have the same policy. It’s the only way to be,” Head of the Union Moscow division Kirill Frolov told Interfax-Religion.

He also reminded there is “a wonderful Orthodox school of painting where icon and portrait features are mutually complimentary.”

“For example, portraits of Fathers 1917-1918 made by Pavel Korin show that reflecting person leading spiritual life transfigures in appearance. We need contemporary korins working in the field of photography, computer graphics and cinema art,” the Orthodox activist says.

Frolov believes “Orthodox glamour” is necessary from the ascetic stand, as many people run to the Church not because they love Christ and truth, but only for inability to realize themselves in life and creative work and are envious of others success.”

“These people kick talented and self-realized youth out of the Church and disguise their jealousy and envy in false “spirituality” and “zeal for Orthodox tradition” which is in fact their asociality, marginality and wretchedness. The Church teaches that envy is a terrible sin, a way to murder, revolutions and atheism,” the Union leader is convinced.