New Metropolitan for Avlona Synod Enthroned

Following the repose of Metropolitan Anghelos of Avlona and Archbishop Porfyrios, secretary of the Synod earlier this year, the remaining members of the Synod of the Church of the Patristic Calendar (generally referred to as the “Avlona Synod”) elevated vicar Bishop Cherubim of Pentapolis (pictured, center) to the rank of First-Hierarch of the Synod on May 16 (n.s.), the Sunday of the Myrrhbearing Women. The Feast generally commemorates the Communion between the Greek Synod in Avlona as well as sister Churches in Russia and America, as well as territories subject to them.

This year was in that respect no different, as Metropolitan Seraphim of Moscow was present and participated in the elevation of the New Metropolitan of Avlona. This year marks the tenth anniversary of the signing of the Tomos establishing the International Communion of True Orthodox Churches.

Hieromonk Agathangel of the Avlona Monastery was also consecrated to the Episcopate as Archbishop of Euchaiton (pictured, bottom right).