New York: UOCUSA Cathedral Sued For Loud Parties

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This story below– reminds us of a passage from the life of St John of Shanghai (+1966):

A group of Russians organized on this night a Halloween Ball. In the San Francisco Cathedral at this time was the All-night Vigil celebrated, and a number of people were absent, to the great sorrow of Vladika. After the service Vladika went to the place where the ball was still in progress. He climbed the steps and entered the hall, to the absolute astonishment of the participants. The music stopped and Vladika, in complete silence, glared at the dumbfounded people, slowly and deliberately making the round of the entire hall, staff in hand. He spoke not a word, and none was necessary; the mere sight of Vladika stung the conscience of all, as was evident from the general consternation. Vladika left in silence; and the next day in church he thundered his holy indignation and his flaming zeal calling all to the devout Christian life.

On the plus side, if St John were here in our days, he wouldn’t have had to walk that far to see the revelers.

From the New York Post. An Upper West Side church that rents out its hall to partygoers is shaking, rattling and rolling the million-dollar apartments next door, according to a lawsuit filed by the neighbors.

The revelers at St. Volodymyr Cathedral’s hall blast music “so intense it literally rattles the windows and causes vibrations in the walls” of the co-ops at 172 W. 82nd St., according to a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit.

The “blaring music, amplified DJ musical equipment and pounding bass noise from speakers and subwoofers” has gone on into the wee hours, the co-op’s suit alleges.

The church has ignored complaints, so the co-op is asking for a judge to force it to keep the noise down — and for $5 million in damages.