NFTU Radio: Live Nativity Agrypnia (Vigil) Jan 6-7 (NS); Vespers Tonight!

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NFTU Radio: Live Nativity Agrypnia (Vigil) Jan 6-7 (NS); Vespers Tonight!

We are pleased and honored to announce that thanks to the efforts of the Metropolis of Portland and their choral society, NFTU Radio will be hosting a live Agrypnia (All-Night Vigil and Divine Liturgy) for the Feast of the Nativity from the Cathedral of the Nativitiy of the Theotokos, Portland OR, from the evening of January 6 until the conclusion of service in the early hours of January 7.

As we understand it, this will be the last major feast celebrated there by Metropolitan Moses, who is being transferred by the Synod to the newly-established Metropolis of Toronto. Bishop Sergius of Loch Lomond is being made Bishop of Portland. The GOC (K) Synod stated:

a) The Holy Metropolis of Toronto is founded, which encompasses the territory of southern Ontario. The Metropolis is sovereign and His Eminence Metropolitan Moses of (until now) Portland is elected as Metropolitan of this newly-founded Metropolis.

b) The sovereign Holy Metropolis of Portland is converted into a Diocese with the same name and canonical boundaries (the western United States). The Holy Diocese of Portland is subject to the Metropolis of America. His Grace Bishop Sergios of Loch Lomond is raised to the rank of Diocesan Bishop of Portland.

We will also have a live broadcast of Vespers from the Cathedral tonight at 6 PM PST (9 PM EST).


  1. HmkEnoch says:

    Everything sounds great!

  2. Orthodoxy is as much about right worship as it is right belief. It’s our hope that this humble weekly offering will serve as an outreach and a missionary effort for True Orthodoxy, so that like the Slavic emissaries of old, they may say “we knew not whether we were on heaven or on earth” (and of course more psaltai to the Portland Cathedral would be nice too).

  3. What time does the broadcast begin?

  4. Christ is born!
    A BIG thank you to everyone involved in making this happen.

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