NFTU Radio: Sergianism, yesterday and today

ROCOR-A begins to commemorate Patriarch Irineos
February 12, 2011
A 20th Anniversary Present from the FSB
February 20, 2011

NFTU Radio: Sergianism, yesterday and today

Together with special guest Fr Mark Templet of the St Peter the Aleut Mission Parish of the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church, Fr Anastasios Hudson and Dcn Joseph Suaiden discuss the implications of the new “symphony” of the Moscow
Patriarchate and the post-Soviet Russian government, as well as a bit of history, to get to the heart of the heresy of Sergianism and the response of the True Orthodox in Russia and abroad.

The hour-long program begins tomorrow night at 11:30 PM, EST on NFTU Radio!

In Christ,
Deacon Joseph Suaiden


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