Paschal Epistle of Bishop Joseph of Washington, D.C (ROCOR-A)

      The spiritual darkness is so deep throughout the world, that we grow tired from such a dark night.  It is insulting for our souls and it is intolerable to see evil rejoicing all around us.  But it is not hidden evil that saddens us so, it is that manifestation of evil disguised as a lamb, which is actually the forebearer of the Antichrist and is the deceptive creation of Satan himself.  The Lord, though, does not abandon us and we all feel like victors along with our Lord.  Once again, death and all its effects – doubt, lack of faith, sadness and despair, the hardening of hearts and turmoil – are overcome by the Resurrected Lord, our Jesus Christ.  We are once again filled with the indescribable joy of the victory of the Church of Christ over all the evil forces, visible and invisible.
      We are now so content, that our soul rejoices and we actually, not seemingly, hear how all the creatures and nature itself sings and wordlessly praises the Resurrected Christ.
      Let us thank God that Pascha is visited upon us sinners and that He called us sinners to His Church, where we can partake of this feast day of feast days, celebration of celebrations!
                  Christ is Risen!  Truly He is Risen!
+ Joseph,
Vicar Bishop of Washington, D.C.
Pascha, 2010.