Protestantism Gaining Ground in Ukraine

August 2, 2013 (Source: FOCUS)

Ukraine celebrated in a big way 1025 years of Christianity in Russia. While Orthodox priests conduct prayers for the police cordon, the parishioners of the church go to alternative groups.

Metal fence, four police cordons and searches of things. Only after passing these circles, certain select parishioners were able to get to the solemn service to mark the 1025th anniversary of the Baptism of Kievan Rus, which was held at St. Vladimir’s Hill in the capital. Believers were given no invitation and no welcome, instead, they had to watch the procession on television at home or on outdoor screens. “I came from Vinnitsa to ask the patriarch to pray for ailing sick man, but I do not want to start on that,” – complains parishioner Galina, wrapped in a shawl. – “He is not a Christian.” There was a man in a white shirt, hearing the woman wailing, then soothing and inviting her to visit the Sunday service in the Protestant church, “The Peace of God.”

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NFTU Comment: This is yet another example of the absolute disgust many average people are having at the Moscow Patriarchate, and related bodies.  This is, again, why True Orthodoxy must be pressed in both the Orthodox Teaching, and the natural outcome of that teaching, which is Christian charity (along with all the other virtues).