RC Bishop “Baptizes NC Bishop Augustinos of Germany

In what appears to be the strangest of ecumenical events we’ve heard of in a long time, participants from various denominations, including the New Calendar Bishop of Germany (Ecumenical Patriarchate) performed some sort of “round-robin” baptisms over each other. According to the website of ecumenist defender John Sanidopolous, the following is a “bad fruit” of ecumenism. Since we here at NFTU consider almost everything from ecumenism to be bad fruit, we note that this is more “odd and interesting” fruit. Is this some kind of multi-baptism, or just an overall rite of recognition of everyone in the room?

Apparently the “Orthodox” Bishop was “baptized” by Bishop Karl Heinz Wiesemann of the Roman Catholic Church. Mr Sanidopolous does not state who Metropolitan Augustinos was fortunate enough to “baptize” when it was his turn.

In any case, the message is clear: all “Christians” are all the same. And in terms of ecumenism, more of the same.

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