Renewed Discussions Between GOC(K) and SiR

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December 20, 2012
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December 24, 2012

Renewed Discussions Between GOC(K) and SiR

As reported on the 19th of December (NS), on the SiR website, discussions between the Genuine Orthodox Church under the presidency of Archbishop Kallinikos of Athens and the Synod in Resistance have been continued.

The GOC (K) appointed Bp. Photios of Marathon as its representatives, along with two lay theologians, Zisin Tiotran and Constantine Panon.  The SiR appointed Bp. Cyprian of Oreoi, Bp. Ambrose of Methone, Bp. Clement of Gardikon and three priests-Archimandrie Glicherie Aghiokiprianitul, Fr. George Ghian, and Fr. Anghelos Mura.

On 6/19 November, 2012, meetings at the Sts. Cyprian and Justina monastery were followed by agreements of procedure. Other matters were determined in the process of discussions.

There are still issues which separate the SiR from the GOC (K), such as the SiR view on the Sergianist and/or Ecumenist Patriarchates being part of the Orthodox Church. As to whether this matter will be discussed and the SiR will change its position still remains to be seen.  The GOC (K), on the other hand, considers itself to be the true and legitimate Church of Greece, and, in consequence of this view, has viewed the SiR as being in an illegitimate position.

Possibly complicating this matter is the fact that, any discussion or possible union of the SiR with the GOC (K), would entail effects upon the SiR’s sister Synods in Romania, Bulgaria, and the ROCOR (A).



  1. Ted says:

    I wonder how the former HOCNAites will respond to this.

    • HmkEnoch says:

      I think they would be happy if the SiR people adopted the GOC (K) position and joined the GOC (K). Or by former HOCNAites, do you mean those still with Met. Ephraim of Boston?

  2. John Prodromou says:

    There is nothing much to wait for or rather to hope for. It would be a true blessing if these Synods could put aside their pettiness and hypocritical adherence to Orthodoxy and truly seek unity. Will the Synod in Resistance accept the “without grace” position of GOC (K)? Or will the GOC (K) accept that a “little grace” exists within the Patriarchates and “National” Autocephalous Churches?

    Will the SiR accept that they were wrong all these years and filled Orthodoxy with Hierarchs who left to join other synods?

    I am anticipating a barrage of official announcements and encyclical literature filled with quotes from the Orthodox Fathers justifying their historical correctness. Orthodoxy according to the letter without Christianity from the heart. Pharisaism at its best.

    Perhaps we should hope for the Eighth Ecumenical Council or possibly the Antichrist.

    • HmkEnoch says:

      “Or will the GOC (K) accept that a ‘little grace’ exists within the Patriarchates and ‘National’ Autocephalous Churches”?

      Nope. They chrismate people coming to them from the World Orthodox Patriarchates, and in many cases baptize them. If a jurisdiction baptizes and/or chrismates people coming to them from the World Patriarchates, it should be a sign of what they believe.

      “Will the Synod in Resistance accept the ‘without grace’ position of GOC (K)?”

      I think that is more possible than that GOC (K) will change its position.

  3. Yvegenie says:

    If this is the same Kalinikos who was defrocked twice by Auxentios, then anything in the name of expansion will prevail. With the help of Met. Moses who recently gifted his dioceses to his long time friend Bp. Black , everything is possible for the sake of power and expansion , and none of this stuff will last. Ecumenism , Old Calendar style

    • Kate Wilson says:

      The former HOCNA bishops were ordained by Auxentios, weren’t they? Now they are joining a synod of a bishop who was defrocked by this same Archbishop Auxentios? Perhaps Metropolitan Kallinikos will succeed in unifying many of the Old Calendarists.

    • Anonymous says:

      His homosexual friend, Bishop Sergios Black? There is no
      fear of God in these wretches. The bishops are demons, the priests are
      satanic. They ignore the canons, they ignore the Scriptures. They are
      putting a system together that is literally George Orwell’s dream of a
      boot stomping on a human face for a thousand years. The rights of Orthodox Christian’s mean nothing to these homosexual and psychopathic lunatics.

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