Renewed Discussions Between GOC(K) and SiR

As reported on the 19th of December (NS), on the SiR website, discussions between the Genuine Orthodox Church under the presidency of Archbishop Kallinikos of Athens and the Synod in Resistance have been continued.

The GOC (K) appointed Bp. Photios of Marathon as its representatives, along with two lay theologians, Zisin Tiotran and Constantine Panon.  The SiR appointed Bp. Cyprian of Oreoi, Bp. Ambrose of Methone, Bp. Clement of Gardikon and three priests-Archimandrie Glicherie Aghiokiprianitul, Fr. George Ghian, and Fr. Anghelos Mura.

On 6/19 November, 2012, meetings at the Sts. Cyprian and Justina monastery were followed by agreements of procedure. Other matters were determined in the process of discussions.

There are still issues which separate the SiR from the GOC (K), such as the SiR view on the Sergianist and/or Ecumenist Patriarchates being part of the Orthodox Church. As to whether this matter will be discussed and the SiR will change its position still remains to be seen.  The GOC (K), on the other hand, considers itself to be the true and legitimate Church of Greece, and, in consequence of this view, has viewed the SiR as being in an illegitimate position.

Possibly complicating this matter is the fact that, any discussion or possible union of the SiR with the GOC (K), would entail effects upon the SiR’s sister Synods in Romania, Bulgaria, and the ROCOR (A).