Reports Say Pat. Kyril Hopes for Ecumenical Progress

May 5, 2013
Antiochians, OCA, and Syro-Jacobites Gather at Ecumenical Meeting
May 25, 2013

Reports Say Pat. Kyril Hopes for Ecumenical Progress

Russian Patriarch hopes for continued ecumenical progress under Pope Francis

CWN – May 06, 2013

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill has said that he hopes to see continued improvements in relations between Moscow and the Vatican under Pope Francis, ‘and we have no indication that the incumbent Pope is not open to the same.”

The Russian patriarch said that ecumenical ties had been strengthened under Pope Benedict XVI, largely because of a decision to concentrate attention on issues of mutual interest, such as the drive to counter secularization in Europe.

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  1. But of course! We shall continue to pray for improved relations through the conversion of the pope of Old Rome to the fullness of traditional Orthodoxy!

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