ROAC: Parishioners Arrested, Icons “Arrested” as well

( Pursuant to a court decision the members of the community of St John the Forerunner parish church in Suzdal were to render holy icons, church utensils.

Approximately 10 PM at the parish hall, (standing opposite the church), a person jumped out drunk, in shorts, and waving pistols, shouting: ” The temple is under arrest and you have no right to enter there”.

Despite all attempts to explain, he nevertheless led four men in police attire, armed with Kalashnikovs. As a result, three people were arrested, taken away from these icons are not allowed to close the temple.

At the police department, of people released after they were written explanatory notes. The time was past midnight.

The icons are still “arrested” and not returned, despite evidence presented by a lawyer on the legality of removal of icons from the church members of the community.

The drunk with a gun in his hands was the chief of district police department of the city of Suzdal, Petrikov.