ROAC: Swat team members (OMON) have moved into Suzdal

Bishop Andrew of Pavlovskoye (ROAC) has translated a report from as reported on the Euphrosynos Cafe:

Besides the Church of the Holy Cross/St. Nicholas, the closest church
to Metropolitan Valentine’s home, the appellate court has upheld an
earlier court decision to remove from our control the use of our main
cathedral – the Tsar Constantine Cathedral. Some of the other cases
have been postponed.

Over 1,000 armed swat team members (OMON) have moved into the small
town of Suzdal (about 12,000 inhabitants) with armored cars and buses
for “practice exercises” against terrorist threats, and set up camp on
the mall of the city administration buildings, just down the street
from our center. They would not allow local reporters to photograph