ROAC Theological Commission Meets Again in Suzdal

June 22-23. According to Orthodox Journal Vertograd, the theologicial commission of the ROAC met again in Suzdal last week to discuss in more detail issues opened in the last meeting. Most of the discussions appear to remain in the same state as before, with a few new recommendations, most notably a request to the Synod to add another Bishop– Bp Irinarch of Tula and Bryansk– and Hegumen Gregory (Lourie) to full commission membership, along with four other priests: Fr Roman Novakovsky, Hegumen Proclus (Vasiliev), Fr Oleg Boradenkov, and Fr Michael Dudarev.

It is unclear how Fr Roman, rector of the St Olga Parish in Zheleznovodsk–the largest parish in ROAC in Russia with over 2,000 members– will participate in the commission meetings. The Zheleznovodsk parish is in the middle of a dispute with the local government to protect the building from being illegally acquired by the MP, the most recent court decision deciding in the MP’s favor just days before the last commission meeting.

The requested changes would bring the suggested commission membership to 17, including four Bishops. Two of these Bishops have not been reported at both sessions –Bp Sebastian of Chelabyinsk and Bp Amvrosy of Kharkovsk– although the latter was present at the first meeting and was assigned to the prepare a report on the local insertion of Saints into the calendar. The commission also received a report about “justified liturgical reductions” from Fr Arkady Makovetsky, a report being expected from the previous meeting of the commission, as well as additions to the Synodicon of Orthodoxy suggested by Hegumen Theophan (Areskin).

Metropolitan Valentine of Suzdal, First Hierarch of the ROAC, was not present for either meeting of the commission. The commission will meet again on July 19-20.