ROCOR-A Priests Write Letter to Met. Agafangel Over Support of Ukraine

October 07, 2014 (Source:

Originally reported on Oct. 06

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Your Eminence, we are experiencing heavy, troubled times, and how topical is in the current situation a warning of the Savior’s desire devil “deceive, if possible, even the elect” (Matthew. 24:24)!

You write: “But whatever the current Ukrainian government, it does not drive our parishes – we have no problems we obtain the registration, we have the opportunity to build and develop. ROCA, indeed, always commemorated those authorities who gave shelter to our church – especially for those watching Metropolitan Vitaly, who always insisted that none of the employees in the Synodal Cathedral of the priests did not miss the commemoration of the American authorities. “

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NFTU Editor’s Not:

Sadly, it seems that the Ukraine-Russia crisis will continue to effect True Orthodox in different parts of the former Russian Empire.  It appears that many True Orthodox in Russia, while not sympathizing with Vladimir Putin, do not feel obliged to support Ukrainian Nationalists, or to discount the grievances of the Russian rebels in Eastern Ukraine as manufactured.