ROCOR-A: Time to Anathematize Sergianism (Abp Andronik)

(Opinion: Source: OVCDIPC) The matter of issuing an anathema against sergianism will be discussed at the Synod meeting and I would like to add my personal opinion that I believe it is time for us to take that step. The hierarchs, bishops and clergy that came before us held back from this decision because they still had hope that the Moscow church would renounce sergianism and active involvement in ecumenism. That hope is no longer possible. Patriarch Kirill and his like-mined subordinates are completely given in to sergianism and ecumenism and the time has come for us to make a more final determination of these issues.

The presence of sodomites among the bishops and priests is also very troubling and shameful. It is clear that we cannot have anything to do with churches that allow this to exist, let alone serve with such clergy.

The level of corruption within the MP is also very disturbing. It is run more like a business than a church. Our Savior said it clearly that man cannot serve God and mammon. How can one expect Grace from such a degraded church? One cannot expect repentance either. Sadly, such thoughts would not even enter the consciousness of the MP hierarchy, they would not even understand what the controversy is.Given these circumstances, a statement is necessary at this point and if it is decided to issue an anathema, I support it.


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