ROCOR-H: Bp Varnava and Assistant Asked to Hand Over Church Keys, Documents

Update (11:00 AM) ROCOR United and its readers are lost as to why this happened. Why? Perhaps because the webmasters were never members of ROCOR but the MP, and don’t know who Bishop Varnava is except from the wiki they cite? Can we say canned MP propaganda group doesn’t know much of anything about ROCOR except what the official “apparat” deigns to hand them?

(Source: Remember Bishop Varnava (Prokofiev) of Cannes? Helped form ROCiE, got in some trouble there alongside his cell-attendant for questionable behavior– ok, we’ll just say moral offenses–, and then went running back to ROCOR under Metr Laurus just two months before Metropolitan Vitaly reposed? How he claimed, contrary to his own words, that the elevation of Bp Sergius was single-handed? Well, apparently the “Paschal joy” of his return to “Holy Mother Church” has worn off. (Click the image for the full size Ukaze)

According to the Russian document issued August 20, it appears Bishop Varnava has again been removed– and that the reception of Bp Varnava and his building has been all about, well– the building! That was obvious to us here at NFTU when the ROCOR-L officially announced his return, spent two paragraphs talking about Bp Varnava on their official site and eight talking about the building.

Anyway, an unofficial translation of the Ukaz is here:

“[We] hereby notify the clergy, members of the association, parishoners and worshipers of Archangel Michael in the town of Cannes, which dwells in peace Bishop Barnabas (Prokofiev) and priest-monk Seraphim (Balanchikov) are estranged from all posts pending the clarification of the situation at the church, and a final decision on subject of the Bishops’ Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church. Bishop Barnabas and Hieromonk Seraphim should immediately release the church house and give the keys of the church and other church buildings, church and parish seal, parish registers and other documents, to either Priest John Gauthier or Secretary Olga Kamenska.”